There are many functional benefits of architectural membrane tension roofing as follows

It's lightweight

The lightweight nature of the roof tension membrane is an effective solution that requires less steel structure to support the roof compared to conventional building materials, which makes it possible as a spacious column free space.

It’s flexible

The roof membrane tension structure provides an almost unlimited design for its elegant and distinctive shape, this can be realized because of its unique and flexible characteristics, resulting in an iconic or unique structure for each building owner, in the city, or village and tourist area.

It’s durable

This type of membrane roof has good durability and long life because it has been proven and built in different climatic areas such as the Antarctic region which is cold to the hot, hot desert. And also the materials that have special coatings make this type of roof anti-fungal, easy to clean and resistant to certain chemical pollution from the air.

It’s beautiful

During the day, translucent membrane fabrics offer soft diffusion space, and natural lighting can save electricity costs. At night, lighting from the beam will create a soft exterior glow. The roof tension membrane structure has high sunlight reflection and low sunlight absorption, producing less energy requirements used in the building and ultimately reducing electricity costs.